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Sony Ericsson W705Sony Ericsson W705 phone specification. Advantages and weaknesses of the Sony Ericsson W705.

Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson Walkman series known as the uniqueness of the Walkman. On the W705, the key will be found on the body, parts of the back, right in the middle. Of course with typical Walkman W logo. Pressing this button will directly open the Walkman application. Next we stay put navigation to control player. Navigation on the bottom to bring us into a playlist. While the navigation left, center and right to function as icons listed.

In the ranks of the Options there is Play modes (Shuffle, Loop), Equaliser, Visualisations (Album art, Visualisations, Off), stereo widening, and auto rotate. The important thing to note is the equalizer still can be reset. Here are provided the option Treble, Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Normal, Unique, Soul, Easy, and Bass. Enable Auto rotate a sensor function to work. When the phone body is positioned horizontally, the display also change the horizontal.

Sony Ericsson puts extra speakers in the back of the body. Note the accent on the bottom lengthwise in a vertical position: it is the speakers. Volume control buttons placed on the right, the top.

When you prefer to wear a headset, plug the cord into the port to stay in the upper left body. The location of the port is quite comfortable, do not interfere with grip. Steady voice was heard through the headphones when music luggage. As through the speaker, his voice less loud though it sounded clear.


In addition to the Walkman, music and song also we can enjoy the radio. As usual, the radio in the new W705 works when the headset is connected. There are 20 slots in the Channels to save favorite channels, also there Auto save settings, Turn on the speakers, Set frequency and Turn on Mono / Stereo. Sony Ericsson also complement Radio with RDS and TrackID. Top-down navigation is used to move the channel according to the list, while the left-right navigation key to switch channels with a frequency of 0.1. Pressing the navigation key center will do the search.

Capacity and Connectivity

M2 slot is hidden behind the casing, located in the bottom left of the body easily recognizable from M2 text imprinted on the casing. Pretty easy to replace the M2 because the casing easily removed, even when the phone is on. But the signals do not recommend to frequently open the casing when the phone is still at risk of fire due to loose battery or disturb any other mobile phone components. Ports that are left in the body (top) is also used for data transfer, in addition to the rechargeable battery and a headset jack.


The main camera on the back of the body, precisely on the top left. There is a text mark-resolution 3.2MP camera. The camera flash is accompanied, just adjacent. The camera button on the right body, the bottom. Pressing this will open the Camera. Switching between modes of photos, videos and albums can be done by moving the navigation based on the destination icon.

Setting a standard exists, without auto focus. Therefore ordinary picture quality. In photo mode, visible Shoot mode (Normal, Panorama, Frames, Burst), Picture size (3MP, 2MP, 1MP, VGA), Night mode, Light, Self-timer, white balance, Effects (Off, Black & White, Negative , Sepia). There is also a Picture quality (Fine, Normal), Review, add position, Save to, Auto rotate, and shutter sound. In video mode, there are video length (Normal, For picture msg), Light, Night mode, Self-timer, Microphone, White balance and Effects. There are also reviews and Save to.

Although mobile phones have high speed internet facilities, there is no direct feature for blogging. After taking photos, just seen Pan & zoom, Photo fix, and Edit in PhotoDJ. Meanwhile, after recording the video, there are only options and VideoDJ Play. If you want to send to the website, must first open that file in an album, then choose Send To a new Web site.

Sony Ericsson W705 complete with PictBridge. So it can be directly connected to the printer via a data cable, and direct photo printing that we like.

Secondary camera on the right of the screen; is primarily used for video calls. The menu in the Organizer and Video call. Secondary and rear camera can be used for video calls, but only the main camera that can be used to Take picture.

GPS and Wi-Fi

W705 has GPS, we can find in Entertainment> Location services. Sony Ericsson included Google Maps as a map. Features that put up quite a lot, of which there is My Location, Directions, Map View, Show Traffic and Favourites. Accuracy is pretty good. But we have to make sure the phone was in the open during synchronization with the satellite. The nice thing, Sony Ericsson also include WiFi. So there are alternatives when they are outside the 3G network.


Sony Ericsson re-use sliding model for the W705. Reportedly, the choice of color who are prepared silver (Silver Luxury) and red (Passionate Red). In ordinary circumstances, the W705's face appeared just display of relief and three "circles" which contains the buttons and navigation. "Circles" left to load the left menu button, the Call button and the Shortcuts button, while the right includes the right menu button, the End button call / On-Off and the Clear button. That the middle is the 4-way navigation plus center button. Navigation also functions as a key player. Notice the fast backward, play / pause, fast forward in the navigation left, center, and right.

Shifting the open body would at once unlock the keypad. Another way to unlock is to squeeze the left menu (Unlock) and connected the right menu (OK). Keypad is visible when the front body is moved upward-open. Because the keypad is hidden, so no need to bother thinking about locking the keypad.

SIM slot was hidden behind the battery. But it still can not just pull the pair SIM slot mouth still hampered because the battery.

Advantages: Sounds good headphones, sliding smoothly
Weaknesses: No 3.5 mm jack, camera without auto focus

Sony Ericsson W705 Specifications:
Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Form: Bar
Dimensions: 95x48x14 mm
Weight: 98 grams
Battery: 3.6V 1000mAh Li-Polymer (BST-33 type)
Standby time: an average of 4 days
Talk time: an average of 5 hours
Screen: 2.4 ", TFT, 320x240 pixels, 262K colors
Internal Memory: 120MB
Additional Memory: Memory Stick Micro (M2) up to 8GB
Connectivity between devices: data cable, Bluetooth
Internet connectivity: HSDPA, GPRS / EDGE Class 10, WiFi
Camera: 3.2 MP, flash
Ringtones: Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Phonebook: 2000 entries
Messaging: SMS, MMS, E-mail, IM
Applications: PlayNow, Internet, TrackID, Location services (Google Maps), Games (Bowling, Bubble Town, Guitar Rock Tour, NitroStreet Racing, Sudoku), VideoDJ, PhotoDJ, MusicDJ, Remote control (Presenter, MediaPlayer, Desktop), Record sound , Camera, Media, Radio, Walkman, Alarms, Applications (AccuWeather.com, Comeks Strips, Gmail Checkker, Music Quiz, Rock Bebblehead, Standby World, Walk Mate, World Clock 3D, You Tube), Video call, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Timer, Stopwatch, Light, Calculator, Code memo
Package Contents: Charger, headset, manual

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