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BlackBerry Tour 9630

After the presence of Gemini and Onyx, some BlackBerry users (BB) began to leave the series long they Curve and Bold. This version is going to be a product update from BlackBerry users, who still liked the trackball from the trackpad. His name was BlackBerry Tour 9630.

Unlike the latest BlackBerry series that has been using the trackpad, the Tour comes with a trackball. This handset is also feasible aligned with Javelin or Bold. Judging from its size, the Tour appears to be longer than the Javelin, but berfisik thinner than the Bold. From the keyboard design, the Tour is more like the Bold of the Javelin.

The following are general specifications of BlackBerry Tour 9630:
Connection: GSM + CDMA, WiFi
Camera: 3.2 MP
Memory: 256 MB
Built in GPS
Battery: 1400 mahr
Resilience Battery life: 5 hours (talk time)
Display: 480 x 360

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