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LG Chocolate BL40 phoneLG Chocolate BL40. Wide-screen LG mobile phone production. Chocolate BL40 touch screen phone with widescreen of LG production.

LG Chocolate BL40, big screen phone from LG

LG produce the chocolate BL40 with the big screen, 4.01 inches. The width of this screen makes BL40 as one of the few widescreen phones on the market. He was just a little adrift from the HTC Touch HD2, which has the most wide-screen now, which is 4.3 inches. With the wide screen size, watch videos or movies on the mobile phone into a pretty fun activity. Moreover, when the screen is placed in a horizontal position so that he seemed to widen. Her dimensions 128 x 51 x 10.9 millimeters is so long.

Chocolate BL40 leaving only the glass screen on the front. All navigation and activities here must be done through a touch on the screen. Only, for your oily skin, had to frequently clean the glass surface because it will often leave stains fingerprints. This screen is the LCD screen with WVGA resolution (345 x 800) glass coated with a hardened. He was able to accommodate 16 million colors so as to display the chart a clear and obvious. It also reinforced with 3D interface called Active Flash UI.

The touch of a finger is the main input of this phone. When the screen is locked, to open it, users can simply move your thumb upward while clasped. Although the screen is locked, users can still receive a phone call by touching the button calls. The display screen can be arranged with various widgets. There is also a virtual menu buttons in the form of four white dots in the blue box, which will guide the user choose communications, entertainment, arrangements, or features of existing devices. Users also can choose the mode of gesture, portrait, or landscape.

On the side of the phone is glossy black bodied there are several buttons. Samar indeed. These buttons are intended to turn on and turn off the device (on / off), a shortcut to the music features, and camera shutter. This phone has two cameras Schneider Kreuznach lens. One was a 5-megapixel resolution, and the other VGA. Additional features on this camera is autofocus, CMOS image processor technology, and an LED flash.

The result is sharp images, especially at night with minimal lighting plus the help of flash. Shooting can be done in auto mode, portrait, landscape, sports, and night. Effects can be added, such as sketches or sephia effect. Photos can be outfitted with a variety of frames. Users also can add a caption.

This camera is also capable of recording video, although color is not too sharp. This deficiency is covered by a good audio quality and the ability to add text to the background noise in the video recording.

LG does make the new Chocolate is for fans of multimedia. If you are a fan of the film and is waiting or stuck in traffic, you can enjoy movies on this phone. The color is sharp and not broken. His voice was quite supportive, like watching movies on a television screen.

Users can play the game, both the preload and which must be downloaded from the Internet. Do not worry, Motorola provides an internal storage memory of 1.1 gigabytes. With an external memory, its capacity can be increased up to 32 GB.

To send a message, there are modes like the iPhone. If the message reverb, you'll see the picture the conversation in the form of a cartoon look. You can set the screen in dual screen mode (dual-screen UI). To write messages, available options usual numeric keypad or QWERTY. The owner of a large finger it would inconvenience when typing on the touch screen. But he supports the copy-paste the text. Choice of language for this text consists of four languages, namely English, German, Italian, and French.

The phone weighs 129 grams it supports connectivity, ranging WLAN, Bluetooth, up to a USB. Only, to regulate the setting-an Internet connection does require time and complicated. In addition, its long slanting provoke comment. "Like the remote control only," so said a few people.

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