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Magnet Venera Voyage, Duplicator BlackBerry

Low price and still has lot of features into a strong magnet to attract more people willing to queue length at a shopping center some time ago. At the time it launched a mobile phone newcomers, Venera Voyager V1. Venera is a patented trademark in the United States. But the "engine" is a Chinese production. It's written on the packaging. The design also drew attention because of its shape exactly with Alcatel OT 800. Almost no difference at all with phones made by TCT Mobile, a company based in Hong Kong, China.
Not just a matter of design, but features and technologies that are embedded in the phone also so synonymous with the Alcatel OT800. The price, too.

Venera Voyager operates on triband GSM and EDGE as well as data transfer using GPRS class 12. Fairly fast Internet connection, although depending on the signal strength of mobile operators. QWERTY keyboard is designed quite prominent so it is quite easy to depress with a hand-sized jar is relatively large. Call and end the call button is created in the form thumbpad that feels right in the thumb.

Navigation can be done with four-way navigation button-shaped wheel on the bottom of the screen and accompanied by the OK button in the middle, or through the wheel on the side of the handset. In addition, there are four small buttons around the navigation buttons below the screen which is useful as a shortcut to the camera, messages, and menus.

At 2.2 inch screen, we can walk around down menus that are designed in the form of icons beautiful - more beautiful than the design icons of the competitors in the mobile market this phone QWERTY sejutaan.

In this menu there are icons to link up Mobile, instant message, Opera Mobile, News Feed, FM radio, music, photos, calendars, and weather. There are also features Note to type and save the file in text format. Completeness is what want to offer Venera to offset fierce competition in the mobile phone market.

The phone is equipped with 2 megapixel camera without flash and autofocus. Results jepretannya also not very sharp on the TFT screen resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. But the cell phone can also record video. We could choose shots at a resolution of 1,280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200, 320 x 240, or 640 x 480 pixels. There are also features night shots mode, continuous shoot up to 5 frames push the shutter once (though intervals of more than 1 second per frame), and white balance.

For its Internet connection, there are GPRS Class 12 and EDGE. Browsers are WAP 2.0 and Opera Mini.

One last feature that can not be removed from this handset is the G-Sensor. This sort of shake feature on other vendor, which allows you to mute incoming calls, change music, radio channels, background images, and put off the alarm.

If you look, all the features mentioned above also exist in the Alcatel OT800. But somehow, the presence of Voyager V1 has been offered a new option for enjoying the experience affordable QWERTY cell phone pocket.

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