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HTC Desire ZHTC Desire Z phone

In early December 2010, HTC has marketed two new mobile phone products, HD and HTC HTC Desire Desire Z. Both have been applying operating system Android 2.2 is well known as Froyo. HTC HTC Desire Desire HD and Z have similar names but still be different, especially on the shape and size. And the text below only discuss in general about the HTC Desire Z.
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There are not many Android phones that combine qwerty keyboard like the HTC Desire Z. Besides manambah functional, this phone also has a view that is quite memposona. A few months ago, HTC released the Desire which is positioned as the most advanced Android phone made by the Taiwanese vendor. But not even a year, officially introduced the successor HTC HD and Desire Desire Z.
The main difference is the second mobile phone, Desire HD has a width of 4.3-inch landscape display with the most sophisticated kitchen runway while Desire Z comes with a smaller 3.7-inch screen and a physical qwerty keybord.
No doubt if Desire Z has a view that is tempting. Wrapped in metal, with an optical track pad on the bottom of the screen, as if to add an elegant image on this product. And stay sliding, then a tiny qwerty keyboard will be visible.
Although each of the keys are small, but still quite comfortable to use for typing sms, emails, even more so the user can combine them with touch navigation. Certainly makes the process of composing a message or document will be faster.
Because tangible slide phone, Desire Z has a relatively high thickness, 14.2 mm. It remains to be added to the weight of which reach 180 g. The weight is quite disturbing when placed in the pocket.
In addition to weight and thickness is quite disturbing, cantilever hinge Z Desire screen also looks a bit frail. Although no doubt if the actual layout of the two hinges are sturdy enough because there is a hook that unites. When closed, the second part of the phone looks neat overlaps and no gaps whatsoever. So that users can confidently grasping Desire Z without a shadow of which felt the rocking.
Switch to S-LCD
Unlike the earlier generation that uses Desire AMOLED screen. Desire Desire HD Z or even both use S-LCD screen. The difference? Of course slightly reduced color depth. However, phones that use this screen are even more convenient when used to read digital books.
When touched, the screen Desire Z is responsive, smooth without any obstacles like its predecessor. This is because the phone is still carrying the capacitive screen with multitouch support.
For the resolution still is no different than the first Desire, brings together 800 X 480 pixels with 16 million color depth. In addition, HTC also maintain a typical Sense UI that has been slightly modified.
Small changes are located at the home sceen. Users now see a special shortcut on the phone that berfungi button to change the look. Starting from the scene, wallpapers, skins, widgets, or even sounds can be changed through this feature.
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