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Nokia 6700 ClassicNokia 6700 Classic

Like other Nokia classic, Nokia 6700 Classic brings characteristic values of simplicity through minimalist physique. But when he was in the grip, you will be nodding in agreement that the classic this one is a phone that has upscale tastes. Actually, one year ago, Nokia had launched one of his classic weapons to fill this premium, which is 6220c. Now the price has touched USD 2.8 million. But the phone is also shaped candy-bar is less successfully penetrate the market. In fact already have the features and the most complete software system than hape-hape other classic Nokia family. Likewise, 6700c sold a little more expensive but still it is not armed with complete facilities 6220c.
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So where good 6700c if not also more sophisticated? This question also appears on the head signal when they first come across this phone. Even if we consider the price factor, with capital of Rp 3 million could have glanced at E63 or one or maybe Nseries phone from other brands which also offers more sophisticated features.

But when it is parsed and 6700c wrap her body in direct contact with the palm of the hand, then the signal will realize the classic figure of this one. Dimensions were small enough so solid. The design was not drafted but graceful with elegant luxury. And who wakes curiosity is the raw signal which turns the casing of metal. While the body behind engraved inscription: 5 megapixels.

Design and Buttons

Because the casing is made of metal material, the weight of this phone to be quite heavy (116.5 grams). But precisely on the physical side is the value that superior bargaining 6700c. Instead of the standard metal shell, 6700c apparently choose the type of stainless steel that is believed to be immune to changes in temperature and stainless. From this we can conclude that this phone a little will have extra durability in matters of aesthetics.

Nokia 6700c which we are testing is a full-black, almost the whole body in black polished exterior. Dimensions are small enough and thin, almost the size of type 6300 but is more compact and very sturdy. While the surface is smooth not to make it slippery so steady in the clutch.

Overall, the minimalist design of this phone with the buttons arranged very neatly. Aura got is calm and mature with black bandage here and there. Premium impression slightly raised through silver lines along the body side and the navigation D-pad below the screen.

The buttons and menus that terususun figures below the screen using a plastic material that comfortable in the affairs of push-push. On the side of the body was found only a camera button and volume. These buttons use the aluminum material. We were a little disappointed with the volume button which is quite hard.

While the additional memory holes that are inserted under the back cover has been supports hotswap, and fortunately not blocked the battery, so to replace the microSD can directly without the need to turn off the phone.

But wait, where the front camera? Apparently 6700c only has a camera on the back. That is, the video call function was trimmed.

Display and Software

This phone can not be equated with a smartphone because it does not have a robust operating system. And as can be seen in the table of specifications, just use the S40 platform 6700c. As we know, this system still leaves a weakness in terms mutitasking, although on the other hand has the advantage in speed and stability.

S40 6700c is embedded in the sixth edition. This is the most recent version which is also used by 6303c. There are some feature enhancements that we feel on this platform, such as a browser that already supports the minimap, flaslite 3, homescreen menu, and facilities 'finds on maps' to find the coordinates of the location address of friend via the phonebook.

In terms of interface, 6700c adopting 24-bit TFT screen (16 million colors) at 240x320 pixels so comfortable on the eyes because the screen surface render sharp and detailed. But unfortunately forced her small screen size should be satisfied with just 2.2 inches diagonally.


There is a facility cameras, music, FM radio and GPS are included in this category. Because it's 5 megapixel camera, photographing the facility became the most important element. Unlike the other 5 megapixel Nokia commonly equipped with Carl Zeiss optics type, 6700c armed only with a standard optical type flash lamp type LED.

On the afternoon with the lighting supports, images shot on above-average camera phone standards generally. We prefer photos that dijepret results from short distances. In this position, the quality is not lost by hape-hape with renowned optics. While the lamp type LED penerangnya though still was able to produce a flash which is also quite a lot.

In the music business we can not get your hopes up on the phone this stem motif. No 3.5 mm audio jack or 2.5 mm. So the headset plugged in the hole microUSB. The speakers are attached to the rear body could issue a voice loud enough but of course not as good as the series Xpress Music.

Through the headset audio quality is getting better, but still not as good hape-hape music genre. It was in the treble and bass of his bear. While the radio feature is supported RDS and stereo, but strangely could not be heard without a headset.

GPS equipped Nokia Maps so you can immediately use. Besides relying on a satellite beam, seconded navigation functions also assisted-GPS method, the search for a location by using signals from the operator. But of course the second way is not free. Through several experiments we did to get the coordinates of the location, 6700c may take 2-3 minutes.

Internet and E-mail

You can expect a lot of these online services. There is a wide bandwidth of the HSDPA with 10 / 2 Mbps (uplink / downlink). Then the application WebKit browser that supports HTML format and minimap, Ovi service, facebook, myspace, youtube, flickr, and a number of other supporting applications online. We also praise the service of his e-mail that has been supported by e-mail client is quite capable. With capital username and password only we can activate an e-mail easily.

Back again on the diagonal screen is only 2.2 inches. With this measure to open the HTML page it becomes less comfortable. We had to scrape the cursor to view all content pages.

But in matters of access, this phone was already feels pretty fast, though 10Mbps is still a future investment because they have to wait for the ability of the operator.


The classic one is still minimalist concept with physical dimensions small enough and slim. Because the wrapped casing of stainless steel, weighs a fairly significant. On the positive side, this metal will not be whole by age because of the stainless and resistant to temperature changes. The absence of a video call facility is very unfortunate, but whether this function you really need?

Source: Signal

PLUS: Bonus 1GB microSD; casing of stainless steel; for online applications

Cons: Can not video call; relatively expensive price, not smartphone (there is no robust operating system)


LG KF750
This slider phone has a more premium design. 6700c weighs almost the same as most of his casing wrapped metal and carbon on the rear body. KF750 supports HSDPA but also is equipped with a front camera for video calls, while the main camera is also powered 5 megapixel camera capable of recording video at a speed of 120fps.

Samsung U900-Soul
Samsung U900 which also favor the physical design conceptualized by an aura of elegance. This slide phone supports HSDPA but also with a capacity of 7.2 Mbps bandwidth. Has a 5 megapixel camera, unfortunately its video recording function limited to the size of QVGA.

SPECIFICATIONS Nokia 6700 Classic
Dimensions: 109.8 x45x11, 2 mm
Weight: 116.5 grams
Battery: Li-ion 970 mAh
Talk Time: 5 hours
Standby Time: 300 hours
Internal Memory: 170MB
Additional Memory: microSD max. 8GB (hotswappable)
Form Factor: candy-bar
Ringtone: 64 channels polyphonic
Phonebook: memory sharing
Network: triband HSDPA, GPRS / EDGE class 32, quadband GSM
Screen: TFT 16 million colors, 2.2 inches, 240x320 pixels
Connectivity between devices: Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP, USB 2.0
Internet Connectivity: WebKit Browser, WAP 2.0, email (POP / IMAP / SMTP)
Camera: 5 megapixel, LED flash, autofocus, timer, multishot, brightness; effect; white balance, video 15 fps @ VGA; PictBridge;
Applications: S40 edition 6; photo editor, music player, voice recorder, Nokia Maps; alarm; calendar, to-do-list, notepad, calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch, games (bounce Tales, brain champ, seasweeper, snake III) ; up, myspace, youtube, converter, flikr, Windows Live, opera mini; Ovi;'s world clock.
Package Contents: Nokia 6700 classic, battery, driver CD, manual, 1GB microSD, charger
Other: GPS, A-GPS, FM radio, ambient light sensor, the volume buttons, camera button, synchronization with Outlook

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