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Samsung S3650 CorbySamsung S3650 Corby

Samsung S3650 Corby phone specification, made by Samsung phones, social networking features.

Samsung S3650 Corby, Mobile schoolgirl

Samsung, has released their latest range of mobile phones which are named Corby. The phone is also present in Indonesia with 2 options namely the Samsung S3650 Corby which has the advantage with its touch screen and the Samsung B3210 has CorbyTXT querty with monoblock design.
The arrival of Corby in Indonesia complete with the lure of prices and features so-called friendly for mobile users who are still attending school. True? To prove it, detikINET been the arrival of one of these products namely the Samsung S3650 Corby.

The first impression that emerges from this product are: Small, powerful blend of color, and full of social networking features. This clearly shows the seriousness of Samsung's targeting teens. Coupled with animated themes embedded in the main menu and application.

From the outside, the whole body of the Samsung S3650 Corby looks made of plastic material is wrapped with two dominant colors that glow. The form was quite unique, Samsung said they are inspired with the crook of her jeans and futuristiknya luxury car. As a result, these small products was very fitting when grasped.

Features Samsung S3650 Corby

In addition to promoting design, the Samsung S3650 Corby also claimed to have features that can attract attention. One of them tends to be a touch screen that combines Corby Touchwiz S3650 Samsung's UI with haptic feedback system. The bottom line? It claimed the system would be friends with anyone who uses.

Although called a very easy operation, but still required an adjustment to using the phone. Genesis 'one push' would often be found when just using the phone.

Besides the touch screen an attractive, other factors such as the widget users can also gain sympathy. Thanks to the widget, the main screen of this phone can be adjusted by the user desires, for example, to display the tweets from friends. Plus, users can download various widgets for free locally.

However, one thing is quite unfortunate is the limited ability of this mobile phone network connection. Connectivity via Wi-Fi or 3G is not present in this product.

Other features offered by this phone are:
  • Network: Quad-band GSM / EDGE
  • Screen: 2.8 "QVGA 262K TFT
  • Camera: 2 Mega pixel
  • Video: H.263, MP4
  • Internal Memory: 90 MB with microSD support up to 8GB
  • FM Radio with RDS
  • TouchWiz And a cartoon-style interface
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
Complete Features Entertainment

In addition to pamper the user with a variety of social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This product is also armed with several entertainment features that are interesting to try. For example, the Picture Gallery at Corby is quite fun to use. Showing images through this menu is a pleasure because the screen is large enough and more exciting thanks to its touch screen. Via the touch screen, users only need to sweep a finger on the surface of this phone to move the picture. The move also is quite responsive.

For music, the menu is embedded in this phone does not seem far adrift with its predecessor, the Samsung Star. Users can find your favorite song by artist, album or type of music. The sound quality of this phone is fairly normal, nothing special. But it can be understood, because this is not a mobile phone dedicated to music.

In conclusion, the wide range of features and a cute display interface make this product worthy of being young mobile phone users choice and those who are young at heart.

+ Unique interface
+ Low price
+ Widget which can facilitate navigation

- No Wi-Fi and 3G
- Need a lot of adjustments when the new use

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