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Cheap phone Duel, Samsung E2510 vs Nokia 2330 Classic

Your business is not the road. Still pioneered the story. Little capital. But the connection to the Internet, especially e-mail is vital. Dare you buy an expensive business phones such as BlackBerry or Nokia Eseries? Are there other alternatives? With a little lack of comfortable, you can! So there are two phones that at least offers a connection data / Internet and also prepared to manage e-mail. How did it go?

Connectivity (30%)

The main base of business phones is connectivity. Without the Internet connectivity and adequate data, how could conduct business affairs relating to data seamlessly? In this case Samsung inadequate. To access these sites as light as a mobile version of Facebook, kompas.com, and second, many more fail in normal network conditions. While the 2330 is equipped with the Opera Mini browser which is the best browser for mobile devices today. When to use Opera Mini we usually have to download it from somewhere else, then in this device already installed so we buy direct.

Hardware to connect from both basic: USB and Bluetooth. Only USB cable Nokia more standard because at the end which plugged into a phone shape microUSB, while E2510 provides a tip that only they themselves have.

In terms of connectivity, both are balanced. Each is very easy to operate when used in the transfer of photos and songs to other devices. E2510 excels in interoperability because it has a microSD slot which is very useful in order to exchange data between devices.

Nokia 2330c: 8
Samsung E2510: 7

E-mail (30%)

For a business phone, e-mail is absolute. And indeed there is almost no phone that can connect to the Internet that do not provide a menu for e-mail. The problem is, sometimes the menu e-mail on GPRS or EDGE mobile phone it is only cosmetic. When operated, it is very complicated. Or, if simple, just too simple so there is no option to change the settings for your e-mail can be more flexible.

At Samsung E2510, a guide to setting up pretty easy. Originally we know the key elements of e-mail settings such as POP and SMTP server, the settings can be smoothly. But what was surprising was the setting for Email Profiles that actually create confusion. Apparently this is an Internet connection settings to normal. Those who do not know will think this is a special setting for an e-mail that the parameters should be asked again to the operator. In the test, quite easy to access Inbox and download e-mail from multiple accounts, but have never managed to send an e-mail from Samsung.

Who's in e-mail, it appears Nokia valor. The phone is already using Ovi Mail, an email service that is one part of Ovi, Nokia-made mobile portal. In treating the e-mail, Nokia directly provide a comfortable space. By default, the right menu shortcuts will be a shortcut to setting the e-mail (if no one setting the account) or a shortcut to go directly to an account that already gives a chance.

At the first opportunity to access e-mail on Nokia 2330c of this, you are given the opportunity to create an account on Ovi Mail or directly Sign in to it if you already have. If you want to use other e-mail account, the wizard or the wizard will guide the setting. But you might also already know that sometimes it is necessary editing or fill settings for the parameter settings manually match the actual needs of your settings.

Nokia excellence, in addition to Ovi Mail, is a setting that feels easy and familiar interface alias easily understood. For example, for simple matters, such as filling purposes and subject, Nokia unify the two columns, so it felt like a fill in the e-mails on the computer, while Samsung separates both generate confusion and alienation.

Nokia 2330c: 8
Samsung E2510: 6

Design (20%)

In terms of design, both are somewhat difficult comparison because of different form factors. Samsung E2510 comes with fold formation, while the Nokia 2330c comes with a candy bar format. But not impossible to see both styles globally. As with other classic series, Nokia users will play the emotion and menyuguhkannya long series of new taste. Immediate impression on this phone, it seems generated by the design of color and form rounded surfaces on all corners. Two colors that are presented to strengthen the image of modern minmalis ditingkah with accent stripes lined up primarily on the keypad.

Samsung rather rigid in the matter of this design, impressed not hesitate to give a touch of modern design. The result is a style that was still old school and do not know about to be taken to where their users. But in a matter of function, the design of E2510 seemed ripe. Keypad, for example, soft when pressed, although the design of the D-pad navigation alias wrong sometimes tricky to press because the confirmation button is too flat. Unfortunately the Samsung does not provide more convenience in terms of screen display, even though they have the opportunity to do so because the flip design allows for it.

Nokia 2330c: 8
Samsung E2510: 7

Multimedia (20%)

Perhaps expecting a classy treat multimedia phones in its price range of both is impossible. But the Nokia 2330 provides adequate audio treats for the class. Speaker luggage can reproduce low tones and above in a pretty good range.

While Samsung is dedicated speaker for convenient audio interests. This is very unfortunate given the E2510 would have to come up with very strong with a microSD slot that in fact will greatly assist in the needs of multimedia, especially music. Speaker to be less good sound when I have to set at the loudest volume. Even so, the quality of bass and treble tone reproduction is actually not too bad, just select the source files must be good at music is really good quality.

Samsung shows the greatness of the camera. Despite the limited resolution capacity, but the resulting image is adequate for use in class: that is to be set as wallpaper or avatar in Internet applications, or printed in a limited size.

Nokia audio plugs more comfortable because it is a traditional 2.5 mm audio jack, so it will fit most cell phone headsets or earphones general. Who has E2510 still utilize a dedicated outlet for their own phones, so it would be difficult to steady the music or audio to the speaker device standard.

Nokia 2330c: 7
Samsung E2510: 7

Our Opinion
It's rather silly looking business mobile phone with cheap price. But encouraged by the impetus of this paper for readers to be able to take advantage of features provided by the business if a cheap phone but hardly ever used. Nokia has started this movement to provide ease of Ovi Mail for mobile phones, cheap entry-level alias that they marketed. And it seems of late to make any serious Nokia cell phone connected to the Internet. The interface and menus to get there easily contrived. This is happening also at 2330c. This phone is used to conduct business worth even on a limited scale and basic.

Less on both this phone if it intended to conduct business is not some sort of Pocket Office applications that can be used at least as a viewer aka publishers admintrasi files such as Word and Excel. This application is important to support the e-mail capabilities possessed. So, after struggling with both phones cheap and limited features, we recommend the Nokia 2330 classic.

Nokia 2330c: 7,8
Samsung E2510: 5.7

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