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OMNIA IIOMNIA II Smartphone made by Samsung, Samsung OMNIA II, smartphone with features a PC on the go.

OMNIA II, smartphone with features a PC on the go

Smartphone also features a PC on the go? Why not? Combination with the multimedia features of this player will make the phone to be flexible as a smartphone for work or play. Samsung Omnia II equipped with technology and advanced features, so that the desires of modern people who want a communication device that acts like a "PC on the go", can be fulfilled.

Omnia II is equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 which is the latest version of Windows Mobile to support the smartphone in it. Like the PC on the go, Omnia II does not rely solely push mail and Web browsing, but the combination with the multimedia player will make this phone as a smartphone flexible working or playing.

With the feature TouchWiz 2.0 which is responsive to the touch, the Samsung Omnia II comes with 3.7-inch touch screen Amoled which is the largest in the world with WVGA resolution crystal clarity. Comparing with previous generation Samsung OMNIA first screen is only 3.2 inches. This screen is also capable of providing a sharper appearance than its predecessor with unbeatable screen clarity, even under sunlight.

This smartphone also features 3D games, MP3 player equipped with a music recognition and stereo Bluetooth feature handsets, and video recording to editing and playback features. To simplify information needs, Samsung provides 7.3 Mbps HSDPA connectivity services, and HSUP Mpbs 5.76 and 800 Hz processor. Connectivity is also equipped with 3.5 G and Wi-Fi. While the smartphone is also equipped with 5 MP camera with a large internal memory capacity up to 8GB of memory and up to 48GB microSDHC eskternal.

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