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Sony Ericsson W980iSpecification of the Sony Ericsson W980i, Sony Ericsson mobile phone design, mobile phones with music features.

Sony Ericsson W980i, steady voice behind the beautiful design

This time Sony Ericsson does not implement an odd design on the button, only the usual round button near the 1 key keypad. But the W is certainly not accessible when the device cover is folded. So, we need another way, namely with the menu button on the right body, between the volume keys and the lock switch. Just shift the outer screen menu in the home, radio and walkman. Note, this menu button works only for the outside screen.
What is interesting precisely control the Walkman in the front of the phones that use touch. Simply press to play / pause, and move on track. Touchpad is at risk of being accidentally pressed, for example when stored in a pocket. But do not worry, there is a lock button on the right body, just slide it.

As a member of the Walkman family, must be equipped Walkman W980. This application is accompanied by the setting Play modes (Shuffle, Loop), equalizer, visualizations (album art, visualizations, Off), Light effects (On, Off), stereo widening (On, Off) and Landscape / Portrait. Light effects make the phone "glow" when he was singing, while the stereo widening to make the speakers produce better stereo sound. In this Walkman also have an FM transmitter that allows us to "send" music to other FM receivers.

Interestingly, Sony Ericsson W980 adds Radio. As usual, the handsfree function must be plugged to the radio. But when bored using a headset, "move" just his voice to the speaker by enabling the Turn on speakers. Voices can be selected mono or stereo with the Turn on Mono / Stereo. TrackID and RDS can be used to find out the identity of the song and radio station. Radio does not automatically off when exiting the application. Hence we have to select the Turn off in Options.

With a capacity of 8GB, W980 music deserves to be called as a warehouse. Sony Ericsson says that the 8GB of storage that can contain approximately 8000 songs assumes eAAC + format. Such a large capacity seems to be enough by Sony Ericsson so it no longer provides additional memory slot. Internal memory provides a distinct advantage, namely faster access when browsing the contents of so many.

Camera without Autofocus

The camera has been following the current market trend, which is 3.2 MP. Only, the camera position is slightly angled to make frequent closed fingers. There is no camera button. But at least the navigation above can be used as a shortcut to activate it. To take photos or record video, then use the navigation buttons. Keypad can be empowered to camera settings quickly. In video mode, the keypad 1-2-3 used for video, night mode, and timer. While the picture modes, 1-2-3 keypad is used to display photos, night mode, and timer.

Somewhat unfortunately, the camera is only as good as it comes standard setting and without auto focus. For the camera, there are settings View all pictures, Shoot mode (Normal, Panorama, Frames, Burst), Picture size (3MP, 2MP, 1MP, VGA), Night mode, Self-timer, white balance, Effects (Off, Black & white , Negative, Sepia), Picture quality (Fine, Normal), Review, add position, Shutter sound (Sound 1-4, Off), Reset settings. After the shooting, there is an option Hide icons, Pan & zoom, Photo fix, in PhotoDJ Edit, and Delete.

Meanwhile, the video is setting View all clips, Video length (Normal, For picture msg), Night mode (On, Off), Self-timer, Microphone (Turn off mic), White balance, Effects, Review, and Reset settings . Recordings can be played, VideoDJ, or Delete.

burnish the Immaculate

W980's face was unique with the nodes that showed the W logo underneath. Surface casing is shiny always look beautiful. But it is also always keep an aesthetic problem, which left a clear trace of fat. Body usually dark enough to help disguise the problem. Just info, other than black (Piano Black), reportedly also available in brown (Opera Brown) and red (Red Violin). But the W980, this trick is not so successful. Whereas users in touch with the W980 certainly a lot of touch pad when the Walkman control.

This is different from the inside which is also berpermukaan shiny. Although nothing as dirty, it will not be a problem because hidden in the folds. Fortunately the rear body safe from trouble spots because the surface wear rubber-like material.

Super Fast Internet

3.5 G facility allows us to do anything. Of course with the record we are in a coverage area of 3.5 G. Setting internet service has been directly activated.

Download songs directly from PlayNow can take place quickly. Download games or other, or just browsing, the browser was going easy.

Do not forget, we can do video calls. The camera used for this is located above the screen. We were unable to find the settings use this camera for normal function. But the main camera can still be used to bervideo call. Unfortunately, no available option to send the captured or recorded to a blog.

When connected to a PC, is also not seen the option to make the W980 as a modem. There was only the Phone mode, Media transfer, Print and Mass storage.

Advantages: Sounds great, great memory.
Weaknesses: No autofocus camera.

Specifications of Sony Ericsson W980i
Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, EDGE, UMTS 2100, HSDPA
Form: Fold
Dimensions: 92x46x17 mm
Weight: 98 grams
Battery: Li-Polymer 3.6 V 930mAh (BST-38)
Standby time: average of 5 days
Talk time: to 9 hours
Display in: 2.3 ", TFT, 240x320 pixels, 262K colors
outer screen: 1.5 "
Internal Memory: 8 GB
Connectivity between devices: data cable, Bluetooth
Internet Connectivity: 3G, 3.5G
Camera: 3.2 MP
Ringtone: Poly
Phonebook: 1000 entries
Messaging: SMS, MMS, e-mail, push
Applications: PlayNow, Internet, TrackID, Location services, games (Lumines Block Challenge, Need for Speed ProStreet, Sudoku), VideoDJ, PhotoDJ, MusicDJ, Remote control (Presenter, MediaPlayer, Desktop), Record sound , Camera, Radio, Walkman, Alarms, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Timer, Stopwatch, Calculator, Code memo
Package Contents: Charger, headset, manual

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