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HT G30 Link phone

Form replica series big vendors are often highlighted China-made mobile phone, such as HT. Unmitigated, adoption of the screen or qwerty keypad on the front cover of HT made exactly the same as Nokia.

With a screen size of 2.2 ", only the level of color depth are crippled because the G30 only has a 65,000 color LCD with a pixel density of 220 × 176 pixels, while the E71 now reached 265 thousand color TFT screen.
Other buttons that change is also contained in the dialed calls. Understandably G30 has a GSM network-based Dual SIMcard can be active simultaneously. As for the shortcut to the main menu located on the side, adjacent to the navigation. Move to the edge, on the right side of this smart mobile phone face to pin the volume settings on the right, flanking the camera shortcut button. To the left edge, there are only dual function port that is to charge and plug a headset.

Turning to look back, with broad backs, G30 only adorn the side of the phone with VGA camera lens and flash are lined up neatly next to the speakers at the far right. Actually, there is a second charger plug, so they can charge using the charger of a small tip. Strangely, this second charger was not included in the sales package.


For this one narcissistic features, users do a lot of hope with an excellent image quality if the use of an indoor room as a shooting location. Because of the trial, the quality of photos from the G30 is less than expectations, too much noise in that photo. As a result, images captured object is not clear although it has been using the flash on the G30 body.

Setting a maximum by changing the settings camera with flash, and image settings with push-density 640x480 with high quality plus scene modes with night mode can you make one solution to obtain better picture results. Given the quality was limited G30 VGA camera, do not perform image preservation in a low-light.


Number of social networking sites that are appreciated by the public seems to be the main points as the initial concept spawned a series G30. Rows of applications created its own as a shortcut. There is headed up, the chat application Yamee version 1.2 and eBuddy and opera mini browser inside subfitur JAVA applications in the main menu.

Unfortunately, when testing with the use of one service as the network provider, less application running smoothly. It's known connectivity capabilities are in line G30 GPRS Class 12. So, you must be clever to choose the coverage area which is support to the operator that you use.


Unlike the usual mobile phone made in China, the audio quality of the G30 can relied upon to entertain the ears, although not reliable as the well-known product vendors. Output sound very shrill and unnatural are always identical with the Chinese mobile phone successfully pushed over by Audio Player G30.

Evidently, when playing the songs of 'Purple' featuring Ross labeled Cream, the balance of bass and treble can be accommodated with either, although still sounding a little noise. Another case, when you listen with a headset, it also instantly disappear and ear noise can be more entertained.

Just info, to choose the genre of music you want G30 provides subfitur equalizer settings in the options. Next, select Settings, then scroll options on the equalizer and the characteristics you look for in listening to music. There are rock, treble, bass, classical, normal, party, pop or dance.


HT Mobile is a replica phones that do protrusion on social networking sites and applications. Offered competitive prices could be an alternative solution for end users, to get the mobile phone 'smart' with multimedia equipment and air-SIMcard double. Of course, the existence of features with three-quarter money bandrol embedded.

Pros: qwerty keypad is easy to operate (more tender when squeezed)
Weaknesses: The quality of the camera is not good though it was aided by the flash body

Dimensions: 113.5 x57x11 mm
Weight: 88 grams
Battery: 1000mAh
Network: Dual on GSM (900/1800 MHz)
Screen: 262,144 color TFT, 220 × 176 pixels, 2.2 inches
Internal Memory: 500KB
External Memory: Micro SD can push up to 16GB
Connectivity: GPRS Class 12, Bluetooth A2DP
Camera: VGA Camera with Flash
Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
Applications: up, Chat eBuddy, Opera Mini Browser, Yamee, Supports Java games
Package Contents: Mobile HTG30 Link, handsfree, 2 batteries, Cd driver, Charger sit, micro USB data cable, 2 sarungponsel silicon, warranty card, manual book.
Talk time: an average of 4 hours
Standby time: an average of 3 days
Other: Polyphonic (MP3), MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, FM recording, Magic Sound, Anti Theft, Black, NES Emulator, Islamic Pray time, Phonebook 500 entries, Voice recorder, E-book reader, a PC webcam, Calculator, Calendar, Alarm, stopwatch, Speakerphone, Game.

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