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BlackBerry Stratus, Atlas, and ApolloBlackBerry Stratus, Atlas, and Apollo. BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Curve 8910, Curve and 8300.

Want to buy a new BlackBerry? Consider first the information

In mid-2010, Research In Motion (RIM) will issue three types of new BlackBerry Curve and Pearl series. Like what is BlackBerry? Based on the rumors circulating on the internet, there are 3 new Blackberry series is ready to shake the market. They are Stratus, Atlas and Apollo.

Information about the specifications of the three products from the BB Board News. According to these portals, advanced series named Pearl who was rumored to striker, now known named Stratus (Pearl 9100). Meanwhile, advanced series Curve, which is an updated version of the Javelin, now called Atlas (Curve 8910). The difference Atlas has evolved EDGE data transfer speeds with the speed of 473 kbps.

With EDGE technology evolved, it only takes a few seconds to download the MMS message. Previously, with GPRS technology, the same activity takes up to tens of seconds.

The last leak was the Apollo BlackBerry (Curve 8300), which is a continuation of the Curve series are now equipped with 3G HSDPA. In addition, the same as Stratus and Atlas, Apollo also use the trackpad-based navigation system.

Here are the specifications and features three products:

Stratus (Pearl 9100):
256 MB Flash Memory
3G networks, WiFi, GPS
LCD 360x400 pixel resolution
Lightweight design and small (108 × 50x13.3mm)
3.2 MP camera, equipped with autofocus and flash.

Atlas (Curve 8910):
Resolution 480 × 360 pixel LCD
3.2 MP autofocus camera
BB OS 5.0
Battery M-S1 1500 mAh
Memory 256 MB, 256 SDR RAM
GPS armed with A-GPS capability

Apollo (Curve 8300):
3G HSDPA Network
Thin dimensions (108 x 60 x 13 mm)
Battery 1450 mAh
Equipped with WiFi and GPS
3.2 MP Camera

Parties to international RIM has not confirmed the rumor about this. The latest news mentions, these three products will come before mid-2010. For those interested in upgrading the BB's pet, please think again first.

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