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HT M15 Music Mobile Phone: Music Mobile Phone with Prices Attract

At first glance, the form of HT Mobile Music Phone M15 resembles the Nokia Express Music phone that has a shortcut button to a music playlist on the left side of the body. Although very functional, the existence of this key even a little disturbing the overall appearance looks to be more broadly. Thanks to a wide body, this candy bar phone still comfortable though berpermukaan smooth and slippery. But it should be cleaned frequently, because it is often filthy with fingerprint impressions stick.
Compared HT Mobile Music Phone other series, M12 and M10, this one series has a larger display screen, which is 2 inches. Coupled with the color of the casing around the screen the same way it makes the impression of a wider screen. Display a comfortable view was supported by 256 thousand colors with a pixel density of 176x220 pixels. This makes the display color is sharper. M15 also uses Double GSM network that can be active simultaneously. The surplus, we can choose to activate them or select one only. If any one is active, the screen looks a cross on the side of the SIM Card name and symbol signal. For ease of use, navigation buttons on the left there are two calls dial buttons for each SIM card.

Overall button, either navigation or series of numbers, using a soft plastic material so that it is fit for use. Although the surface is too slippery, the finger will not be easy tergelencir until one pressed a button while ayik using the SMS feature.


HT Mobile M15 which uses the concept of music phone is trying to facilitate users to enjoy the music by providing shortcut buttons at the top right side. There is the Play-Off music that can immediately be pressed to start the strains of the song after setting playlist.

Although the My Music folder is provided in the phone memory, it still can not be saved because the song a total capacity of internal memory which is only 761KB, and one song only has a magnitude of more than 1MB. So a collection of songs can only be stored in external memory only.

As is often the other Chinese-made mobile phone, M15 high-pitched voice. Loudness sometimes muffled sound when the phone is placed on a flat surface with the screen facing up. This is due to the position of the speakers located at the back of the body. But unfortunately, to support the main concept of this phone looks are still many shortcomings. The voice that came out was broken, especially when the volume is maximized. Fortunately, the sound can still be arranged as you wish through the equalizer contained in the sound effect feature. As a result the sound quality is more to be enjoyed by ear.

Also, listening to music through the FM radio can also be performed. On the screen there is a shortcut icon Radio adjoining the music player. To activate it, the handsfree must be plugged first at 3.5 mm jack. Radio broadcast being played can be recorded via the Record facility in accordance with the voice volume during the recording process.


Despite the focus on music, HT Mobile M15 provides a VGA camera device. Unfortunately not available special button camera. Fortunately, the navigation buttons to the right is the default for operating the camera. There is no facility to quickly switch between camera and video as well as mobile phones in other brands. Result images can also be sent to many people via MMS and Bluetooth. Activation can be done by setting the MMS Server Profile fit operator is used.

To optimize the results of low-resolution images on the camera, several things must disiasati, especially those related to lighting. Conditions enough light in the daytime is a good time to do the shooting. However, for indoor, available light settings and white balance to support an adequate intake of light. The image quality can also be upgraded to a high position with a maximum size of 680x480. The result is more enjoyable, though with some limitations. However, despite having to use night mode settings and increase the maximum light, indoor shooting at night still yielded disappointing results.

Connectivity and Capacity

Minimal capacity of mobile phones can be added because there is a micro SD slot is embedded at the bottom of the SIM Card 1. In the sales package, microSD 2GB has included in it, but this phone is compatible with hingga16GB capacity microSD. So no need to hesitate anymore to save a lot of songs and photos that can not be stored in internal memory.

Browsing can be done by selecting the target site in the Bookmarks. When the signals go to Bookmarks, 2 website has been available, ie, Sina and Yahoo. We also still can add a web destination that will often be used in this section. GPRS class 12 that carried it makes browsing becomes slow. But just to dispel the boredom, the application can rely on.

The price does not mean minimalist minimal functioning well. His ability to steady the song through music player and FM radio, although the results are less than the maximum, still reliable. Moreover, supported with internet connection capability and the camera enough to give entertainment in spare time.

Pros: can browse the internet, bonus micro SD 2 GB.
Disadvantages: Sound less than the maximum, a small internal memory capacity

Specifications M15 HT Mobile Music Phone
Dimensions: 106x48x11, 5 mm
Weight: 69 grams
Battery: 860 mAh
Talk Time: average of 4 hours
Standby Time: average 3 days
Internal Memory: 761 KB
External Memory: microSD max. 16 GB
Messaging: SMS, MMS,
Network: Dual-mode GSM-GSM, GSM 900/1800MHz
Connectivity: GPRS class 12, Bluetooth A2DP
Camera: VGA Camera
Screen: 256K colors, 176x220 pixels, 2 "
Package Contents: Mobile M15, handsfree, 2 batteries, USB data cable, travel charger, 2GB MicroSD, manual book
Applications: Polyphonic (MP3), MP3/MP4 player, WAP 1.2.1, FM radio, FM recording, the Magic Sounds, MP3 ringtones, phonebook 500 sets, Flight, Power saving, STK (sim toolkit ), Calculator, Calendar, Stopwatch, Alarm clock, Global Time, E-Book Reader, Unit Conversion, Health Management, Internet Browser, Video Recorder, Games (Puzzle)

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