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Android phones Acer StreamAndroid phones Acer Stream

After releasing phones Liquid E, Acer now return to market phones that are also based on Android, Acer Stream. Acer Stream mentioned fall into the category of top android mobile phone with some features and facilities it has. Stream mobile phone products Acer has been further strengthened its position in the smartphone market Acer (smartphones). Below are discussed at length about the android-based phones that have the name Acer Stream.
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After the present series with Liquid E, Acer again carrying the new Android phone called Acer Stream. In contrast with Liquid E, Stream is intended for high-end market. With the presence of these products, Acer as a new player in the smartphone market so much more mature.

Comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, this product became one of the best Android phone is currently owned by Acer. Additional element in the form of 2 GB of internal flash memory makes it suitable to download a variety of applications in the Android Market.

Judging from his OS, by default Stream is still using the Android version 2.1 (Eclair). But in recent months, Acer Stream can be increased to the Android 2.2 (Froyo). At first glance, when observed product design is similar to the HTC Desire, if the Acer logo in the center is closed. In general, this phone looks very solid and thin.

Talking about HTC, the Taiwanese vendors have a User Interface (UI) that is very captivating called Sense. Well, apparently Acer is not to be outdone by HTC Sense. Besides having built-in Android UI, Acer Stream comes with his own called the Acer UI UI 4.

Widget exciting, UI Slightly difficult

Step Acer in presenting the UI itself is allowed thumbs up as new players in the domain of smart phones. Unfortunately, Acer was the first impression UI actually looks a bit complicated. By default there are three tabs on the home screen Acer Stream.

The first tab the middle, has a main application icons such as phone, contacts, browser, and the Android Market. Scroll to the right, users will see a photo gallery, videos and music to display a slide-slide. While the breakthrough comes when users shift the default home screen to the left. Acer affix history display applications with a slide-slide as well.

Slide the bottom to the top tab, then the entire application icon will appear. Unfortunately not in full. on the display, the page tab is still divided in two. Lane this part consists of two lines to the main icons that can not be shifted, while the bottom there are four rows to display all icons.

Not only that, Acer Stream comes with a widget that appears when the home button pressed for long. Users also can add a new widget in it. Display this widget be a plus for Acer's own. However, if viewed as a whole, the form UI widgets Acer compounded by the fact seems puzzling if compared to Samsung's S Galaxy, HTC, or iPhone.

Messaging With Acer Stream

Interacting with social networking or messaging such as email, sms, facebook, twitter, or foursquare with Acer Stream was more fun than using the Acer Liquid E. With a shape similar to the HTC Desire capacitive touch screen of 3.7 inches, the phone feels comfortable and responsive when inserted pocket and used quickly to update the status.

One more, plus the value of this product is anti goresnya screen. When detikINET try scratching the screen with a metal key, proved there was no scar on the display systems.

Typing experience using the virtual keypad this product does not seem to have many constraints because this phone is sailing pretty relieved to 3.7 inches. Unfortunately, when used for typing in portrait position, large-fingered users are still a bit of trouble. Especially for the spaces. Still far more comfortable to use landscape mode.

Specifications and Performance Acer Stream

Acer Stream has 3G connectivity, WiFi, and GPS with a display screen 3.7-inch pretty relieved. Mengsung AMOLED screen resolution of 800x480 pixels looks clear when this product is used for watching or recording 720p HD video.

Same as Android phones on other boards, the product also comes with an HDMI connection and a 5 megapixel camera. Stream Quality Acer camera belonging casual. When tested in an outdoor detikINET taking pictures, it seems not too have a problem. However, when used to take pictures in the indoor with low lighting conditions, camera quality is bad tegolong. Moreover, Acer Stream is not supported with adequate flash.

Although the present without equipped with flash, but the camera was equipped Acer Stream autofocus. For business video recording, the quality of 720p it has to offer is a plus in itself. There are some good options such as choice of image resolution, white balance, brightness and contrast, timer, macro mode, anti-shake, ISO, and some pretty interesting effects.


Acer Stream can be spelled as Android phone that has a pretty good multimedia features. This is evident from the ease of access to multimedia features through the front homescreen. Not too complicated to enjoy music or video content. Plus nemoPlayer Acer Stream has a pretty good design is seen as rich in graphics.

From the observation detikINET, plus the value of the top mobile phone multimedia features Acer is one of them lies in the application trackID called Musica. While several other Android phones bring Shazam in the form of trial, Musica comes for free for life. When listening to the radio, Musica can directly detect the type of songs played.

When used to play the video, detikINET once again appreciate diusungnya video playback capabilities. Although some Android phones can indeed memainakn 720p HD video, some of them can not handle video with high birate well. Well, it did not occur in Acer Stream. When playing a 720p video with bitrate 6000-an, the phone is still running smoothly without the slightest broken.

General specifications phones Acer Stream:
Processor: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8250, 1 GHz
OS: Android 2.1 (Eclair)
Screen: 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED
Memory: 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
Internal memory: 2 GB
Port: Micro USB, Mini HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack
Battery: Li Ion 1400 mAh

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